SEL Activities

These activities include all of the equipment in the My PE SEL Pack

SHAPE America National Standards

4, 5

SEL Competency:


  • Recognizing Strengths
  • Self-efficacy


  • Self-discipline
  • Self-motivation

Teaching Outcomes:

  • I can create a fitness plan and log my physical activity to keep myself accountable.


Create your own fitness plan

Students will create a fitness plan using the equipment in the Fitness My PE Pack. In the fitness plan, students should determine how many days a week they will be physically active and balance the health-related fitness components. Students should be sure to include a warm-up and cooldown each time they are active. They should also indicate the intensity level (hard, average, easy), whether or not they enjoyed an activity or not. At the end of the log students will reflect on the activities. (See log on the next page).

Communicate and connect the SEL competency of self-awareness and self-management along with its sub-competencies. Define self-efficacy is a person’s belief or confidence about their ability to complete a task. Recognizing your strengths helps build confidence which also helps increase self-efficacy that you have the ability to take care your mind and body and make healthy decisions.  Additionally, part of self-management is being able to complete a task even when you don’t want to and finding ways to encourage yourself to the complete the undesired task (self-discipline and self-motivation).

Sample log:


Reflection – On the back of this sheet or on another piece of paper explain the following prompts.

  1. What were some activities that you found challenging?
  2. What were your biggest accomplishments this week or areas of strength?
  3. Was it hard for you to stay motivated to stick to your fitness plan? Explain your answer and describe ways to keep yourself motivated and on track.  

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