This pack places emphasis on strength and flexibility. Students can gain experience experience using stretch bands for flexibility and increased range of motion. Included jump ropes to increase aerobic endurance, while kettlebells and slam balls are excellent for develop strength throughout the body with emphasis on core strength.

Students and teachers who pick this pack will find it beneficial for lighter workouts that focus on correct technique and performance. Resistance levels are moderate so that emphasis can be placed on repetitions rather than maximum weight. Safety is always important, and kettlebells and slam balls are two of the safer pieces of fitness equipment.

My PE Fitness Pack

A variety of agility and strength equipment to build healthy bodies and promote active lifestyles.

9' Speed Rope
Medium Resistance Loop
Resistance Tubing w/ Plastic Handles (Medium Resistance)
4 kg Kettlebell
6 lb Slam Ball
Yoga Mat
Mesh Storage Bag

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Thank you for keeping students physically active! Due to the current demand, certain items in each pack may be substituted for a similar product to ensure your order is delivered on time. We appreciate your flexibility!

About Instructor

Dr. Robert Pangrazi

Dr. Robert Pangrazi is a Professor Emeritus at Arizona State University and an Educational Consultant for Gopher Sport. Dr. Pangrazi has been in the education field over 50 years. He began his career as a 5th grade teacher and was an ASU professor of physical education for 32 years. Pangrazi has published over 60 textbooks and 100 research and professional articles. He has been an invited speaker at nearly 500 national and international conferences.

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