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Personal equipment packs and activities designed for teaching PE during challenging times.

About My PE Packs

My PE Packs were designed to promote physical activity and safety by providing every student their own equipment. Each My PE Pack can be used in any setting and by students of all ages and abilities. My PE Packs include access to FREE, easy-to-implement activities that stress physical distancing while avoiding the need to share equipment. My PE Packs are a safe, effective solution that address the challenges of equipment sanitation, physical distancing, and multiple learning environments!

My PE Packs are:

My PE Activities are:

My PE Pack Activities

Each My PE Pack includes access to FREE, easy-to-implement activities written by Dr. Robert Pangrazi, the author of Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary and Secondary Children. My PE Pack activities are developed to keep students safe (6’ apart) in any learning environment.

Activities included with the My PE Physical Activity Pack

A Solution for Any Learning Environment

In-School Setting with
Physical Distancing

Flexible learning activities and packs were created with physical distancing in mind. They can be taught in a gymnasium, classroom, or outside.

Hybrid/Modified Model

Whether at home or in school, ensure PE is an important part of every learning environment. Personal equipment packs are portable and adaptable for any situation.

Distance Learning

Increase activity at home! Encourage students to create a free account to follow online at home. Free up your time to focus on students and providing a quality PE program.

Purchasing My PE Packs